Background Study

The objectives of this background study are to recognizing the importance of sport besides its competitive and performance aspects, analyzing the latest and best practices at international and Kosovo levels, identifying the potential challenges and proposing easy steps to follow to further promote inclusion in and through sport.

In order to be more specific and more concrete, the study focuses on three specific topics: (a) sport and gender, (b) sport and communities and (c) sport and disabilities. The study will analyze the access of girls, communities and persons with disabilities to sport practice. It will also explore how sport can help these persons gain confidence in themselves, and how sport can change how the society perceives them. The choice of these issues could seem arbitrary as there are certainly a lot of other challenges that shall be discussed (lack of infrastructures, etc.). But these three themes are of particular importance in Kosovo where inter-ethnic tensions are persisting and the integration of women and people with special needs in the society is still far from being satisfactory.