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In 2015, Sport SansFrontières becomes PL4Y International


PL4Y International (PL4Y) a French NGO adopting a new strategic approach

Sport Sans Frontières (SSF) was established in 1999. Fifteen years after its creation, the French NGO becomes PL4Y International (PL4Y) and adopts a new, strategic approach in order to increase its impact in France and the rest of the world.

As a universal language and fundamental right, sport is an incredible tool for solving some of society’s greatest problems and bringing people together. PL4Y International believes in the power of sports and proposes new ways to favor social cohesion, enhance education and health-related problems.

The Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes that each child has the right to play, which is an essential element to one’s wellbeing and personal development. PL4Y International has supported this right since 1999.

PL4Y International, a catalyst for social change through sports

PL4Y International has used sports as powerful leverage for social changes through its various projects and programs in more than 12 countries. Thanks to these programs, more than half a million participants benefitted from inclusive sport activities.

Whether it is to overcome a trauma after surviving a tsunami, understand a balanced diet, or rebuild communities torn apart by conflict, PL4Y International develops new methods in teaching, social cohesion, and affective management to help with these issues. As of today, PL4Y International is developing its pedagogical and social projects for large-scale use.

Sustainability of the action

To help sustain the impact of its actions on the long term, PL4Y International has developed a network of teachers and development specialists around the world. By bringing together these experts, PL4Y International seeks to promote social innovation through sports. Based on this pool of experts, PL4Y International hopes to maximize the impact of its programs.

Just like its Playdagogy program, which has seen a dynamic increase in its development, PL4Y aspires to increase by 10 the number of participants by 2017.

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PL4Y International Kosovo and the Sport4Youth Project

The team

The team in Kosovo is composed of local staff and international staff. PL4Y International Kosovo works in close cooperation with the Headquarters in Paris to adapt games to the local needs. PL4Y International has been registered in Kosovo since 2002. In Kosovo PL4Y International contributes to the social inclusion of all youth and children - especially the most vulnerable, by using sport, physical activities and games. Through its development and reconciliation programs targeting all ethnic groups, PL4Y International is  an active and concrete promoter of multiethnic dialogue.